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Arya exir asia company has been established with objectives of research and production of industrial lubricants ( such as mineral , synthetic , semi synthetic ) and especial chemical materials the ones that were supplied by import from abroad with capacity of 25000 Tons /year in laboratory of this company in addition to quality control of the product based on the last international standards ( API , ASTM and DIN standards . ) continuous research aiming at promoting the quality of the present products and correspondent to the needs of the customers as well as producing new products are in process According to the suitable price and quality the products are in competition with similar domestic and foreign products.


Synthetic Base Oils

Another source of lubricant base fluids is the synthetic route. Traditionally, synthetics was defined as “A product prepared by chemical reaction of lower molecular weight materials to produce a fluid of higher molecular weight designed to provide certain predictable properties.” Currently, there are two types of synthetic base oils commercially available.(PAO and hydrocracked base oil) Until mid 1990, Polyalphaolefins(PAO) were the most widely used conventional synthetic lube base fluid in the US and Europe. They are made by combining two or more decent molecules into an oligomer, or short chain length polymer. Because PAOs are all-hydrocarbon structures and wax-free, they have low pour points, usually below -40°C, very high viscosity indexes and good thermal stability. But because of limited availability of raw material, PAO production was limited to very specific application...


Industrial lubricants article

A lubricant usually consists of a base fluid, generally of petroleum origin, combined with additive chemicals that enhance the various desirable properties of the base fluid. Base fluids are essentially obtained from two main sources: the refining of petroleum crude oil and the synthesis of relatively pure compounds with properties that are suitable for lubricants.


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